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Image by Wesley Tingey
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We are Brian + Michelle Hilko.

Once upon a time we met working in the golf shop at Hinsdale Golf Club. Golf has always played a major role in our lives. I have worked as a golf professional for almost 20 years and Michelle has spent her summers off from teaching working at the course. If you make your passion your job you never work a day in your life. In late  2019 we began to approach the idea of creating our own golf space. What we appreciated in golf was the laid back atmosphere solely focused on the golf experience. Our favorite experiences were wearing t-shirts and playing an interesting golf course in the middle of nowhere. A golf experience void of distractions and frivolous rules where one can enjoy the game to the fullest. Golf Factory is our manifestation of that thought process. A golf facility that focuses on what is important in golf. A place to gather with friends and family, compete, practice, and just enjoy the game we love.  We hope you love it as much as we do!

GOLF FACTORY simplified-

I wanted to create a unique golf space focused on everything I love about golf. I seek out an experience that is laid back and focused on the golf. You will find that at the Golf Factory. 3 things you won’t find are slow play, strict dress codes, and warm beer. If you wish to know a little more about me feel free to listen to my
interview with NewClub.

Image by Wesley Tingey
Image by Wesley Tingey
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